Since the First World War, the word howitzer has been increasingly used to describe artillery pieces that, strictly speaking, belong to the category of gun-howitzer – relatively long barrels and high muzzle velocity combined with multiple propelling charges and high maximum elevation.

This is particularly true in the armed forces of the United States, where gun-howitzers have been officially described as “howitzers” for more than sixty years. Because of this practice, the word “howitzer” is used in some armies as a generic term for any kind of artillery piece that is designed to attack targets using indirect fire.

Cannon Dimensions:
Bore – 2 1/4, Breech: 6″, CHEEKS: 6 1/2″, OAL: 15″, Trun D: 2”, TRUN L: 1 1/2″, TRUN OAL: 9 5/8″, TRUN-CASC: 10 1/4″