The howitzer was originally developed to fire bombs (powder-filled explosive shells.) This required a large bore in order to get the best effect from the larger projectiles, but it also required that the propelling charge be reduced to about one-ninth of the shell weight, in order not to over-stress the hollow projectile.

Since the small charge burned so quickly, there was no need for a long barrel, and the howitzer therefore evolved into a large caliber gun with a short barrel – about five to seven times the caliber was the generally accepted figure, as opposed to 15 to 25 times for guns. Howitzers, like mortars, were chambered.

Cannon Dimensions:
Bore: 3″ | BREECH: 8 1/4″ | CHEEKS: 8 1/4″ | OAL: 25″ | Trun D: 3 1/4”, TRUN L: 3 1/8″ | TRUN OAL: 14 1/2″ | TRUN-CASC: 16 1/4″