Frontier Swivel guns were used principally aboard sailing ships, serving as short-range anti-personnel ordnance. They were not ship-sinking weapons, due to their small caliber and short range, but could do considerable damage to anyone caught in their line of fire.

FRONTIER SWIVEL GUN Swivel guns are among the smallest types of cannon, typically measuring less than 1 m (3 ft) in length and with a bore diameter of up to 3.5 cm (1¼ in). They can fire a variety of ammunition but were generally used to fire grapeshot and similar types of small-diameter shot, though they could also fire small caliber round shot.

Most swivel guns were muzzleloaders. They were aimed through the use of a wooden handle, somewhat similar in shape to a baseball bat, attached to the breech of the weapon. Some Swivel Guns were designed as breech-loading swivel guns as early as the 16th century, making them among the first such examples of this type of weapon. Breech-loading swivel guns had a breech shaped like a beer mug, which the gunner would take by the handle and insert into the body of the swivel gun with the breech’s opening facing forwards.

Cannon Dimensions:
BREECH: 5 3/4″, CHEECKS: 5 1/2″, TRUN D: 1 5/8″, TRUN L: 1 3/4″, TRUN OAL: 9″, TRUN-CASC: 13″